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Playing Catch Up

Have two years worth of inactivity in Scoutbook to correct. My roster is totally out of date. Is there a quick fix I can use, or am I looking at a lengthy stretch of editing ?

It probably depends on exactly what the issues are. Could you provide more details of the issue?

Is it just that the roster has folks on it who are no longer with the unit? Those can be easily removed, although I would have expected that the annual recharter process would have removed them.


Well if you are not seeing Scouts you think are registered that is a pretty big issue now as all registered Scouts come into Scoutbook - I would have a look at my.scouting.org > Member Manager (a Key 3 has to do this) to make sure your Scouts are registered as a first step. If they are not there you need to talk to council.

If they are there you might not be in the right SB unit, and send email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org to correct


Charter renewal provides an automatic sync ?

It’s supposed to synchronize regularly, not just at recharter. That’s part of what @DonovanMcNeil was getting at. If that’s not apparently happening, there could be significant issues that need escalation.

A lengthy stretch of editing.

  1. No one has been maintaining your unit Scoutbook account for two years? This should mean that all the youth and adults listed are currently also listed on your My.Scouting roster, because member update ends youth membership and adult leader roles after 90 (?) days if not matched up.
  2. Do you use the Feature Assistant Extension? This adds functionality not available in native Scoutbook.
  3. Is this a pack, troop, crew, or ship? Sub-units are handled differently, depending on what the unit is.

In general:

  1. Remove all old adult connections to youth
  2. End all expired youth leadership positions, if any
  3. Create correct sub-units and move youth to their sub-unit
  4. End / delete obsolete sub-units
  5. Add youth leadership positions
  6. Edit adult leadership positions as needed
  7. Set permissions
  8. Compare your physical roster (adult leaders and youth members) to your two electronic rosters - My.Scouting and Scoutbook - and make corrections.

For My.Scouting, work with your council registrar for additions or transfers, and position changes. I recommend moving adults to a Unit Scouter Reserve position when they stop attending and don’t transfer to another unit. Sometimes, for transfers, you will have to track down the new unit to get them to turn in paperwork.

For Scoutbook, enter folks exactly as their info is on the paper application. Use the nickname field for nicknames.

Track all updates to confirm sync and accuracy between all three systems (actual and two electronic).

One troublesome area would be transfers into your unit. Review their scouting history. Is it all there? If a scout has more than one Scoutbook account, then their history tends to get spread over their multiple accounts. And My.Scouting data ends up under two or more BSA ID#'s.

Print a history of each account. Consult with your registrar about which BSA ID# to keep in My.Scouting. Manually enter the history into one scout account in Scoutbook. Contact Scoutbook support to merge the multiple Scoutbook accounts. They will need to know which account to keep and what BSA ID# it should have (if changing it).

Edit - added end /delete sub units

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