Please fix my account birthdate

The birthdate on my account is incorrect. How do I get someone to fix it? Account 13882656
Birthdate should be (removed)

Thank You,
Jess Haas

@JessHaas - talk to your council registrar

And how would I find them? There isn’t information about a registrar on our councils webpage. I am just a parent looking to help out and this is just adding to all the hoops I have to jump through. Previous questions on the forum said to email support but it seems they got rid of support as that just sends you to the forum now. Not a great way to run an online system.

@JessHaas - what council are you in ?

At a minimum, your unit leadership should be able to point you to your district executive. That person may even be able to make the change directly, but if not, could certainly pass it along to your registrar.


Post here where it still says to email and they can update the text.


Call the main phone number for your Council and explain the problem. They will connect you someone in your Council who can fix the DOB.

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