Please help, I have two BSA ID numbers

and I’m a scout dad and merit badge counselor in Troop 215, Mendon NY. My BSA ID is 136448353 (from & scoutbook). Our troop training coordinator informed me that I have two BSA IDs and she asked me which is valid, I think it is the one I listed above. I’m unsure what my second ID number is but Scoutbook states that my “Previous BSA ID is 132470807”. Can you delete all my BSA IDs except 136448353? And drag any important stuff over? I have no idea why I have multiple BSA IDs…

Please let me know how to resolve this.
Thank you,
Tyler Ferman
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You cannot delete MIDs - but they can be managed - let me take a look

@TylerFerman you are already setup right - you can see at - manage member ID - you have 3 listed - your MBC position has expired you might need to talk to council