Scout with two BSA numbers, same council

Hi there, we have a scout with two BSA numbers that both seem to be from the same council. For youth with multiple BSA numbers do they just list the second number under multiple member IDs like an adult would? Or since both appear to be NCAC numbers is this something I need to resolve with council? BSA numbers are 134642478 and 140340429. Thanks for any advice!

Well you cannot use Manage Member ID unless the Scout has a log in. You would want to keep the current registered MID primary. But I will take a look.

@AndrewBurns I merged the 2 SB accounts to get his records together - when joining cubs they entered middle name - when applying for scouts they did not.

Thanks Donovan, do I need to take any further action to clean up his record? Let me know on that.


Once the scout has a log in they can manage MID IF they want to

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