Please manage old membership in Michigan

Continuing the discussion from Two MIDs, please manage:

I think she messed up her account again. She thought her MID was her son’s number and tried multiple things before I talked to her.

When we worked together this noon to log into My.Scouting and used “Betty” to reset her password, “Betty” couldn’t find her account.

What did we do wrong?

@DougWright The zip code might not match.

Your council can do a direct password reset, if needed.

Thank you. Council did a reset yesterday. I will contact the scouter and we’ll see if we can get her logged in.

New issue -

I have a SM with at least two MIDs; he thinks there are three. Please keep the login used on 5/20. Please keep the email. He was a scout in western New York in the 90s; Allegheny Highland Council.

  • MID 135067651, current registration. This is what he sees when he logs into My.S.
  • MID 12389950

Thank you.

@DougWright I have merged this user’s Scoutbook accounts. He does have 3 BSA member ID numbers:

135067651 - primary

Please contact the local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up his child (or children). In the “Relationships” tab / section, he needs to be removed as parent under his secondary BSA member ID number, and added as parent under his primary BSA member ID number: 135067651. This will help to prevent future issues.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger, I have emailed the registrar to check all the family connections (dad, mom, son, and daughter).

Next - (I am not rationing these, I post as fast as I receive all the relevant details.)

I have an ASM who eagled in PA and is now registered in CO. Please check his account. He logged in last week. His email is initialinitiallastname@yahoo…

  • MID 131300280

After confirming his account is correct, I will contact the registrar to fix the parent connections to his three scouts. Currently, he doesn’t see any of them in My.Scouting.

@DougWright This user has 3 BSA member ID numbers:

131300280 - primary

He also has 3 usernames (logins) at my.Scouting:

  • initialinitiallastname
  • e-mail address
  • the part of the e-mail address in front of the @ symbol

Which one does he want to keep? He can keep whichever one he wants, and we can retire the other two.

Please keep initialinitiallastname.

@DougWright The other usernames have been retired.

If he needs to reset his password, he should use the chatbot (“Betty”) at my.Scouting and BSA 131300280.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger.

Another set of problems for SUAC:

  1. Parent can’t log into Scoutbook.
    . . . a. MID 129437770
    . . . b. MID 13205696
    . . . c. login = initialinitiallastname
    . . . d. email = initialinitiallastnameclan@gmail
  2. Other parent can’t log into Scoutbook
    . . . a. MID 12898734
    . . . b. other MID?
    . . . c. email = initialinitiallastnameclan@gmail
  3. Scout MID 129437769
  4. Scout MID 136853861

Parents use the same email. Have permission to change one to xxxxxx+1@gmail.

Thank you.

@DougWright I think this is fixed:

Parent 1:
MID 129437770
username (login) = initialinitiallastname

Parent 2:
MID 12898734
username (login) = Initiallastname11
I did update parent 2’s e-mail to xxxxxx+1@gmail

See if they can log in at my.Scouting, first. If they need to reset their password, the best place to do that is using the chatbot (“Betty”). When asked if they remember their security questions, they can say no to bypass.

The troop might need to update their connections using the Connections Manager.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger, I have texted the adult to have them verify things are working correctly.

Another problem for SUAC -

SM MID 115106677 can’t log into Scoutbook, but can into My.Scouting. Same MID in all the places I can see.

Tried the workaround My.S > IA > SB. No dice, just spins in IA.


The fix for a non-ending spinner in IA is to do a forced refresh (SHIFT+REFRESH) in the browser.

Thank you @edavignon, I have passed that along; have not heard back yet.

More problems for SUAC -

  1. This is a SM with at least two MIDs. Please keep email as xxxx#xxxx@icloud; keep login used 5/26.
    . . . A. MID 13710374, current registration
    . . . B. MID 13099030

  2. This is a parent registered as USR with at least two MIDs. Please keep email first name.initial.lastname@gmail; keep login used 5/14.
    . . . A. MID 13627228, current registration
    . . . B. MID 12999876

  3. This is the parents of two scouts; dad has at least two MIDs.
    . . . A. dad
    . . . . . . 1) MID 13096784
    . . . . . . 2) MID 134282493
    . . . B. mom MID 12544404
    . . . C. scout MID 134282492
    . . . D. scout MID 12856782

  4. This is a MC with at least two MIDs. Please keep email Her husband’s accounts were previously managed and family connections were established for parents and two scouts.
    . . . A. MID 14926168, current registration.
    . . . B. MID 13092309

  5. This is an ASM with two MIDs. Email is initial.initial.lastname##@gmail.
    . . . A. MID 14178118, current registration.
    . . . B. MID 124590170, current YPT.

Thank you.

This user should be fixed.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger.


Any chance someone can take a look at #2 through #5 above?


@DougWright I have fixed #2 for you, although I need to send you a private message about it.

This user is fixed.

Dad is fixed. His primary BSA MID is 134282493.
Mom looks OK.

This user is fixed.