Poor response/view rate?

During COVID we switched to exclusively using Scoutbook for email communications. Prior to this, we maintained a separate email list and sent emails outside of Scoutbook. Since using Scoutbook exclusively, our view and response rate has dropped significantly. Meaning people not responding when we ask for a specific response or people saying they didn’t see the email. I’m having trouble discerning if this is just a a trend in parents not responding in general or somehow related to Scoutbook emails. On our webpage, I added some info for new parents about what Scoutbook emails should like. I’m a gmail user and I know for me, they go to the “Updates” tab and if I didn’t know to look for them, I might miss them, especially as a new family. Anyone else experience this and or have any best practices?

@JohnDruding - where is the “updates” tab in scoutbook ? As far as response rate, perhaps going to the method of phone calls may be more productive.

I feel the same way. People don’t seem to read their emails. Maybe they are auto filtering out?

I do think that people in general are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in their email inbox. We suggest to parents to make sure their email client is not dropping scoutbook emails in spam/updates/etc. I expect some parents don’t know how to do this or don’t do it, but it probably helps some.
We also start the subject line of all of our emails with "Troop xx - " That way it is more obvious when they are getting an email with troop info in it.
Our email response rate is fairly decent - we use Scoutbook for all routine comms. Hope these ideas are helpful.
I also agree with @Stephen_Hornak that for really important messages, nothing beats a phone call.

Email availability

@JohnDruding, @Matt.Johnson
There is a false assumption that all people use email. Some people do not use email because they do not have the devices to do so, or never learnt how to use email. They may also not use online communicating devices.

Online registration tools

Online registration tools availability is now required
per form on national forms page: Boy Scouts of America. 2022. “The Annual Unit Charter Agreement between: _____ and the ____ Council, BSA”. PDF. Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc. , https://pdscouting.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Fillable-Annual-Charter-Agreement-Charter-Orgs_Short-Version_09.16.2022.pdf (accessed 2022-11-27).

BSA® now requires all units have online access.

The Scouting Unit agrees to:
A. Registration and Administration
… 4. Ensure timely registration of all youth and adult members. Use BSA’s online registration tools, such as membership leads, online applications, and online re-charter.


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