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Popup when logging into Scoutbook Today

I received this popup today when I logged into scoutbook. Is this a Scoutbook breach or just a general breach of passwords?

And do I need to change my password on scoutbook or at myscouting? or both?

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try opening up an incognito window and try again - that looks like an extension you have or maybe a virus you have. I am not seeing this and IT has no reports on it

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Ok, so I did log incognito and it did not pop up. Can you explain to me what that proves or doesn’t prove?

Does that show I may have a virus? Eekks :frowning:

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it might be some security Extension you have installed. Incognito windows typically turn off all your extensions.


There have been no reports of Scoutbook passwords being compromised. This pop-up is not coming from Scoutbook. This is a legitimate message from Chrome.

Chrome is not telling you Scoutbook has been compromised but that the ID/password combination you are using may have been. Security experts recommend not using the same ID/password on multiple sites.

See https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/23534509?hl=en for more details on this message.

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Here is another reference with more details on the pop-up. Google Security Blog

Thank you for the information. I’m one who likes to know more of the details.


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