ScoutBook Login Msg: Are you logged into Scout Manager?

The last 3 days, when logging into ScoutBook via

as soon as I enter my logon id and password then enter, the following popup message shows: says
There was a xproblem connecting. Are you logged into Scout Manager?”

Once I click on the “ok” button in the popup box, Scoutbook logs me into my account without any other issues. I have logged out and back in, restarted browser (Chrome), restarted my computer (MacBook pro), logged in and out of Still each and everytime I log into SB, I get that same pop up box.

What is Scout Manager? I don’t know what this is or how to log into it? I need more info.
I am the Advancement Chair for a very large troop so hoping someone can help me figure this out.

@PamelaCrawford - does not seem like a scoutbook issue as I have never experienced that. There is however this web site: so something is cached in your browser related to this I guess.


I suggest trying to log in to Scoutbook via an Incognito or Private window. This will eliminate any extensions and cache issues. Once we know if this works, we can better help you debug your issue.

Could be - that 3rd party says they have a chrome extension - but not sure how that would pop a BSA error - would need a visual of the error message to better understand

Thank you. I was able to log on without the popup. I will clear the cache. I did download a new extension over the weekend. So looks like problem solved! Thanks to all of you!

Do you have the Scoutmanager extension? If so, try disabling it in your regular window. I suspect this is the cause of the problem. If disabling the extension in your normal window fixes the problem, you will need to contact the extension developer for assistance. There was an update to the Scoutmanager extension on July 24.

Yes, I just downloaded the extensions so I will follow your suggestion. Appreciate your help.

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