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Tech Help Please

I get a blank page every time I login to Scoutbook this afternoon.

I think the first time happened because I tried to login while the update was going on. However it keeps happening.

I have cleared my cache. I have restarted my computer. If I sign into an incognito window, I can connect, but in a normal Chrome browser I cannot.

Is there a way to completely reset my Scoutbook Cache without losing all my saved passwords in Chrome?

I am grateful for any help you can give.



load (even if blank) and try Shift+Refresh

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I can log into scoutbook through the website but not the app app say I must be linked with a scout to do so any ideas thank you

are you a scout parent? That is what is needed to log into the app. If you are go to your scouts page in Scoutbook > Click on your name as parent > Click UPDATE on that page see if that solves it

Thank you I will try that see if it works thank you for the quick response

I am a parent of a scout also cubmaster and admin when I go to my scout in the roster doesn’t give me the option to add me as parent

@drewshields - you can try this. Go to your son’s page, then click on connections, then click on your name, then check the parent box then click on save or update…

I was finally able to open my app but it just shows my son and I doesn’t show my other scout I am pack admin and cubmaster is this normal?

Scouting App only shows family members

Got it thank you sir appreciate all the help

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