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Position manager and background checks

I need to shuffle positions in Position Manager. However, we added a new leader to our troop (7236 in Simon Kenton Council) about three weeks ago, and his background check is still not recorded in Position Manager (the little checkmark shield icon next to the name). When I try to move any leader, not just him, I get an error that says, “This position requires members to pass a criminal background check,” in reference to the newer leader that doesn’t have the background check indicated. I presume that this will go away when the background check is finally recorded.

My question is this: how long does it typically take for the background checks to be recorded in my.scouting?

Thanks!..still loving Position Manager by the way.

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David - my experience is 2-3 weeks once the Council submits the request. (Quicker if you are using the online system - 10 days to 2 weeks.)

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Thanks for the reply. This was an online application submitted and approved on July 22nd. It has been over three weeks; that is why I am surprised the status is still not marked passed.

Every registered position on the Position Manager requires a background check (except for Executive Officer who the COR can’t reassign anyway), so this constraint is unnecessary. If the background check is failed, I presume he’ll be removed anyway (maybe not…never seen that happen). I’d recommend just removing this constraint in order to prevent 3+ week downtimes.


I would check with the local council to see what the hold up is. It could be as simple as the registar is on vacation and will handle when they get back in the office.

Writing the council is the first thing I did. They haven’t responded. It’s been over a week (but they are swamped right now with lots of Scoutnet issues). That’s why I posted here to see if anyone had experience with this. It seems easiest, especially for online applications, for the background check to be automatically processed when applications are submitted and approved. But they probably wait for some sort of council action on the adult application. I guess I assumed that when the leader appeared on my roster in my.scouting, the council had finished their processing. Maybe that’s not the case.

I have had adult applications, once approved, take 1 or 2 days and I have had them take 6 weeks. I don’t know what caused the delays. Was the registrar backlogged? Did the background check have details that needed to be clarified? I don’t know. That is my experience. I just had a multiple take 4 days. Previously, for me, one took 6 weeks.

Same issue here. It is so frustrating! One new scouter took weeks, a note to local council, and a ticket to national to get resolved. Now I have another new scouter that is holding up our ability to properly place positions. It has been two weeks.