Position manager move with a Background check

My COR is trying to move a committee member to ASM position. The member has a blue check beside his name. When the COR drags and drops the member from committee to ASM, all the boxes around all the other committee members become red, there’s a empty red box with a dotted line around it (like that is the member needing the background check) and has the error “This position requires the member to have a background check” at the bottom of the committee members. The member being moved to ASM has green box around their name after being moved to ASM. He is unable to save changes then. I have one committee member that is waiting for a background check, again it is not the member being moved.
Can someone help me with what is happening? Do I just need to do a paper application to move him?

How many Committee members are there?

9 without the one we’re trying to move.

I have one that does not have the background check completed yet.

There is a known bug where if any adult leader is missing the criminal background check, then the COR cannot move any adult leaders using the Position Manager. The way it should work is that that individual cannot be moved, but other adult leaders can.

I would contact your local council and ask them to put in a help ticket for you with National to get the bug fixed.

Thank you! I had sent a request for help from my UC, DC, and DE and will let them know.