Possible duplicate account causing problems

Hi there. A parent is getting a message when she logs in that another user has the same email, but Council and I can’t find another account. When I look at her in SB, it says she hasn’t activated her account, but she sent me a screenshot that looks like SB, so we’re a bit confused. She also can’t see her son connected to her, whereas I do see her connected to her son. The only BSA ID we can find for her is: 14612141. Can someone see if they can figure out what is going on and fix it? Thanks! Tanya

Can council check to see if the parent’s email is on the youth’s account? That’s one of the major culprits (aside from “extra” accounts).

The scout’s email is currently set at default@cubscouts.org, so that’s not the issue.

@TanyaSteinhofer Yes, this parent does have a duplicate Scoutbook account. I am working on merging it.

@TanyaSteinhofer This should be fixed.

She has Google sign in turned on, so she needs to log in with the “Sign in with Google” button, Google name, and Google password,

Great! Thanks. Will she now show up for me as having an activated SB account?

Possibly. She might need to log in again, before you can see it.

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