Proactive Communication With Known-To-Be-Impacted End Users

I’m one of the impacted end users discussed in the “Advancement import stuck in Pending” topic.

In a situation where there is known impact and it should be very easy or simple for technical resources to identify impacted end users, can you PLEASE proactively reach out to them to let them know there’s a known issue that has impacted them?

Once the issue has been confirmed by the technical resources, it should be very simple to push an email or message to the end users letting them know they’re impacted so that they don’t need to go hunting to find a resolution or report duplicate issues, etc.

I say that the impacted end users in this instance could be “very easy” to identify based on the following:

  • The UI is able to present to me the date of the import (including import ID)
  • The UI is able to present to me the status is still Pending
  • A query could easily be run to find those values in the DB to identify impacted users

I appreciate your consideration of this constructive feedback.