Problem changing my scoutbook email

so I am trying to change my email and for whatever reason Soutbook is not allowing me to

this is what happens when I hit the “Next button”

went into myscouting and changed tit there but it didnt update to scoutbook
so apparently the hjeader of the email change page is wrong its not so easy to change an email address

Brian - I think you may need the domain and the @ symbol to change it.

it was edited to remove the first part

Try going back to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Switch SSO Profile and running that again with your current BSA# and ID. Let us know if that fixed you issue so we can alert the developers.

nope … no change

up next ?


When I use My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email and enter a valid e-mail and my current Scoutbook ( password, I am taken to the validation screen.

The e-mail with the validation code arrives a few seconds later. Is the e-mail address you are entering valid? It must be a properly formed address including one @ and at least one period.

I get “Please enter a valid email”

Brian - I would be willing to run a screen share with you just to have another set of eyes on the issue. If that works, email and we can take a look.

not gonna have time till Sunday unfortunatly - as today and tomorrow are full with me prepping fdor a campout this week

Brian - that works for me. I would say then email for weekend stuff as I do not always have my company phone on during weekends.