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Problem: Having To Log In Twice

When I want to log in, I am having to do it twice. The first time it seems to function like normal but the display is only limited to forum, resources etc, the usual stuff visible before logging in. I then log in again and the dashboard and other features finally show up. Why is this happening and how to fix it?

A secondary problem exists as well. Scoutbook still wants me to log in with the old ID filled in. I then click on the ID and it will autofill the my.scouting ID and password. I have to do this each of the two times I have to log in. This may be browser problem, but it seems related to scoutbook.

Any help would be great.


I have notified the developers.

Thanks. The first problem seemed to be fixed when I logged in to check your response. Perhaps they fixed it already. I appreciate the help!

What device and browser are you using? Do you have the feature assistant extension installed?

No, unfortunately this is an intermittent problem.

So I logged in again to reply further and the problem is persisting.

I am on a pc using the opera browser. No idea what the feature assistant is.

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