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Reason for missing parent?

When the error message comes up when a scout is being tranferred to another unit that " the scout has no connected parent", where is that looking for the connection: Scoutbook/Scoutnet/my.scouting?
As a follow-up if it is coming from scoutnet or my.scouting is there a way to sync the scoutbook record to those systems?

@DougWright just commented on this in another thread: Transferring Cub from Pack to Boy Scout Troop - #14 by DougWright

Answering in reverse order, no, there is no way to sync Scoutbook data to the BSA systems at this time. And, I do not know which legacy system has the record of the parent connection. My.Scouting has the unit roster. However, because the parent connection is invisible for me, it could be in some other system connected to My.Scouting.

The parent connection it is looking for is where neither the unit nor parent can see or find it in the My.Scouting system of connected software. The council registrar can look into the system and create / correct the data to establish the parent connection.

Typically, this connection is made when the paper joining application is processed. Sometimes, somehow, the connection isn’t complete when needed for this transfer tool to work. It seems to be easy for our registrar to fix this, just tedious for the volunteer or parent to call to get it fixed.

It may be a good idea to check this the month before your bridging ceremony. You could call your registrar with your list of AoL scouts and confirm a parent connection before you attempt transfers.

From the council registrar’s vantage, it is Scoutnet that the parent relationship needs to be added.

Would it be healthy for each council to run reports to get ahead of these defects? The effort could pay off time wise vs. registrars processing manual applications after fielding questions on errors.

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My council registrar said she was unable to fix this. Do you have a website For the steps she needs to take to fix the error? I’m wondering if she has not been trained how to do it. She told me to have the parents fill out another paper application and submit that to complete the transfer. I am frustrated and I’m sure my council registrar is as well. (I know of at least one other unit in our District that had the same issue.)

Yes!! It would save everyone time if these could be fixed now rather than all during a few months of crossover when it’s a super busy time! I’d love to see the SB admin have a report that could be run to identify this issue. (I don’t think our council registrar has the time to be proactive but seems to be reactive. Let Admins run this report!)

I’m not sure we would have visibility into the system in which the issue exists. My understanding is that the scouts who have this issue do not have a parent connected to their record in ScoutNet, which is the BSA’s registration database, for lack of a better description. We as users, even Unit Admins, can’t see the information in that database directly. What we see are the results of data being entered in that database (e.g. changes to our rosters in my.scouting and Scoutbook).

I wouldn’t need to see the connection - just a report that would state Yes/No Parent Connected.

Even better - a scout record can’t be created without a parent/guardian record connected.

I do not know the steps a registrar does to correct this. I do know it is simple - our registrar has added the parent connection for a scout while on the phone with me.

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@AngeleBoudreaux If you reply with the Scout’s bsa member number (no name needed), I can look up details in the databases and provide you with exactly what to tell your council registrar.

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THANK YOU!! That would help me out but also I’d be able to help my registrar learn how to fix this issue for the other units in our council! I appreciate this. I have two scouts with the same error: 12571274 and 12660277.

@AngeleBoudreaux I’ll list their initials, but you can replace with their full names when you email your council registrar:

“In order to use the online transfer tool and reduce paper applications, could you please set the following parent relationships in Scoutnet?

Please set MC (MID 12557903) as a parent of DC (MID 12571274).

Please set LW (MID 12567030) as a parent of PW (MID 12660277).

Thank you.”

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I’ll do that - Thank you! I hope these directions will be enough for her to understand how to fix the connection error. I appreciate it!