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Problem with password reset in merged council

I am posting this here mostly for informational purposes as national already knows of the issue. So Council’s have been given the tools to reset passwords for users in their council. Your council is added to your profile in My.scouting when you add your ID number and does not derive from Scoutnet(i believe it validates when you first enter it. When a council merge is done they do NOT run a script to update the council in my.scouting (nor in Scoutbook). The individual would need to update it. The problem occurs if council tries to update a password it will not find them in my.scouting as they are tagged with their old council id and the registrar(or whoever is doing it) is in the new Council only. They must reach out to national who have the tools to access across councils. So in my case we merged 022,023 and 028 into council 023 so anyone who came over from 22 or 28 need to have a reset from National. They need to do some type of query in my.scouting(and scoutbook) that says if 022 or 028 is in this field change to 023.


So, if I correctly understand, @RonFedele, if we have members with this problem, the professional staff at council need to reach out to nationals to request this process (i.e. the correction of council assignment) be executed? And the issue only occurs if a member does not update their council affiliation after a council merger AND they happen to have been associated with one of the councils whose ID was retired, AND the member then requests a password reset?

Did you get any indication whether or not there was a plan to rework the council merge process (even if it’s a long-term plan), or do we need to instruct users to update their councils as the long-term solution? It seems like a relatively rare event, but merging of councils is not entirely unusual.

From what my registrar was told by national it was something they could do but the tools given to councils are council specific so they are aware of the problem but I don’t know if they plan to address it in any time frame (she was talking to a support rather than a development person).

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@edavignon Saw you posted that this same issue was corrected in Scoutbook any idea if they did or are doing a my scouting version of it


I do not know if the problem with some users not being assigned to the merged council exists in ScoutNET and my.scouting.org. If your Council staff is not seeing the full set of BSA Member IDs assigned to the merge Council, they will need to report it via the internal channels.

It is a reported issue. It’s actually a bigger problem on that side as they cannot do password resets for folks in the 2 legacy councils but are bouncing all of those to the national help desk.


can the users not use reset password or the Bot on my.scouting.org to reset them?

sometimes the luddites have an issue or they forget their security questions etc

The Bot gets you around the security questions