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Problem with "Search For Existing User" when adding new connection

When trying to add a parent as a connection to one of my Cub Scouts, I type their name and get results but only get what appear to be the first 10 results found. This has happened with several accounts. For example (name is changed for privacy): trying to add “Ryan Adams” I’d get multiple results for “Bryan Adamson.” I see why those results came up, but there’s no option to list more results.

I’ve also tried searching by email address but that comes up blank. I know the parent I’m looking for right now is in the BSA system because he completed Youth Protection Training and I have his certificate which has his BSA number on it. Unfortunately, I can’t search on that.

Suggestions? Is this a bug or just a user error on my part?

ALWAYS try searching by email first - it is much more unique

is the parent a leader in the pack already?

There are a couple of questions I would ask to start with.

  1. Have you verified that the email address with which you are searching is the one the parent used to create their account at my.scouting.org? I’ve had a couple of cases where that wasn’t true, and we ended up with several different accounts for one user.

  2. I assume you verified that the parent’s name is listed at my.scouting as you’re entering it since you have their YPT certificate? I’ve had issues where a parent/leader used a nickname to register in one place (e.g. on new scout/leader application) but their full name when registering at my.scouting, which caused issues locating them by name.

  3. Is the parent already a leader? I would add the parent role to their existing “leader” connection to the scout. ETA: Looks like @DonovanMcNeil already got this one.

@Holly_AnneBalish - as a real world example I had entered a youth application along with the parent data at recharter and did a search for that parent email and eureka it was found and linked. The data entry of others is your next nut to crack. I was never hired on my typing skills nor will I ever be.

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