Unit w leaders w triangle

In Five Rivers Council 375, Troop 84G, almost every registered female leader has a yellow triangle indicating they are not registered. Everyone is confirmed registered in my.scouting.

I am hearing of other units that are having this issue after recharter, seems to be a linked troop problem.

Thank you


Post some BSA Member IDs (no names) and we can investigate.


Rest seemed to correct in the last few days

@MarcMcGrain I am looking in to this.

Leader 1 is fixed.

Leader 2 is more complicated. Leader 2 has two active BSA member numbers in the same council. Your local council will need to move the troop registration onto BSA 8539835. After that happens, we can fix the rest.

Thank you. Is there a more direct way, like an email to put these issues in?

Marc McGrain


You can contact your Council or post in the forums. These are the only ways.

I am having the same issue. 3 leaders and 1 Scout


@SheriLockard the Scout is registered in Pack - the troop membership is not current - council can solve that

@SheriLockard 135345934 - is registered in pack not troop
135345951 - is registered but not in your troop
14032773 - is registered but not in your troop

Key 3 can see real registered roster at my.scouting.org

Donovan…how do I fix it so they are registered with my troop with my troop? IWe followed the directions given.

They have to register with the unit - an adult application

Crazy that they are all ready in the system and have to fill out more paperwork. They are all still active with their packs because they have cubs still. Wish there was a better way. Thanks for the info, we will get the papers filled out.

Some councils will do a multiple over the phone

If they go to their scouting.org account go to menu, my registration they should have a multiple button there where they can add the troop

If they are already registered as adult leaders with the pack, then they can log in at my.scouting and then go to:

Menu → My Application

Then they have the option to transfer to the troop or they can have a multiple registration and be a registered leader in both (pack and troop). The troop’s Chartered Org. Rep. (or COR Delegate) will need to approve by using the Application Manager.

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Literally every leader and every scout in my Troop has the yellow icon. I hadn’t logged in recently but I did notice this today. National Capital Area Council. Thoughts? I go to my.scouting.org and look at Roster and it looks like everyone is listed there correctly (although not sure if this is where I should be checking).

@MaureenMellett probably just need to log out and back in - maybe cache issue

I am having the same issue with two leaders and one scout.



12551199 - Looks like this Den Leader was dropped at recharter.
12914425 - Registered with a troop, but not with your pack

This Scout has 2 BSA member numbers in your council:
13387073 - Pack registration.
14082961 - STEM Lab registration

I would recommend talking to your local council to get the Scout’s registrations combined under a single number. I have switched his BSA member number in Scoutbook back to the pack registration number.