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Procedures for removing a youth from a unit

This is not a popular topic and not one I enjoy but it comes up from time to time that a youth isn’t a fit for a unit and may need to find another unit. In my specific case now its a scout in a troop and the troop has lost confidence in their ability to work with and mentor the scout. Its more complicated than that, which it usually is. Having the scout join another troop, if he choses, is certainly an option. But my question is more specific to the departure from a unit.

My understanding is:

  1. The unit committee can chose not to charter a scout when charter renewal comes up. I’ve never know a chartered org to question the roster come recharter time.
  2. If, during the course of the year, a unit wants to make a change sooner than recharter time, can they remove the scout from their roster? And does the Chartered organization rep or executive need to be part of that decision?
  3. I know that if a scout chooses to transfer its a much more understood process and that may occur in my case but not sure.

Thanks for your insight.

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Check with your council. If I remember correctly, if a unit “removes” a Scout the Scout may not join another unit.

I am searching for the related current documents. Here is some related information.


Registration of Youth Members and Adult Program Participants
… Scouting units are small, intimate groups. In the Scouting programs, units may be made up of even smaller groups which often meet regularly in private homes. As long as they are faithful to Scouting’s membership philosophy, set forth above, it is for the units to determine on the basis of considerations such as group size or youth behavior whether to admit or to continue the membership of a youth member. …

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June 2018 Revision