Progressive Web Apps

I really like the new Progressive Web App for Internet Advancement, that’s a very useful feature. Please do the same for My Scouting when you have the opportunity.

@CharlieBenbow you just mean the platform of IA?


Requests for my.scouting and its related app need to be made by a jira ticket opened by your Council. The my.scouting team does not monitor the forums and only works from jira tickets. The SUAC does not have a way to make requests of the my.scouting team.

@DonovanMcNeil when I accessed Internet Advancement yesterday, it offered me an option to install an application (known as a Progressive Web Application). It works on my Windows PC as well.

@CharlieBenbow - that is a shortcut… not an app and there is a mobile app for

@Stephen_Hornak the other icons are Chrome shortcuts, but Internet Advancement is installed as an application on my device.

@CharlieBenbow - you will however not find any app in the app stores

yeah is Web App - seeing if something slipped in code or wondering if you devise just saw it. Mine does not

@Stephen_Hornak not really sure what you’re trying to argue here. I was just giving some kudos that I like the implementation and would like to see more of it. It’s basically just serving up the same webpage in a different browser window, but it works well. Good looking out on the MyScouting app, not sure how I missed that in the Play Store. The nice benefit to that one is I can log in with biometrics.

@CharlieBenbow - just that i have not had it install an app. Perhaps my browser on mobile has cached and not asked to install it

Interestingly enough, there is one for the Discussion Forums as well. @DonovanMcNeil unsure what device or browser you are using, but this shows up in my menu in Chrome:

@CharlieBenbow - interestingly enough our unit website landing page also shows the install app. Must be a chrome thing perhaps on android.

Fair enough. I can’t honestly remember if it was a popup that asked me to install it, or if I was trying to add it to my Home Screen and happened to notice the Install App option in the 3-dot menu like shown in the screenshot above. Functionally it does pretty much the same thing as adding a shortcut to your home screen, it just looks a little prettier. Thanks again for pointing out the MyScouting app in the Play Store.

@CharlieBenbow - so it is a hybrid of a send to home screen shortcut. But not something specifically deployed by BSA

There are some things they have to do to deploy that capability for a site, it doesn’t just work on every site. The existence of the MyScouting app kind of negates my entire point, though. :laughing:

It is all development based is what I understand

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