Scouts BSA History Report Training Missing

When running a Scouts BSA History report the training section is blank. I checked the Scout’s Training record in My Scouting, I’m the Training Chair, and he has ILST and NYLT listed. I have checked a few other Scouts in the troop and have found the same issue.

The only training that shows there is Woodbadge - because of how huge the report could quickly become

Youth training should show on the History reports. Unlike adults, they don’t have all of those online modules.

@JenniferOlinger I do not recall how it was programmed cause we went back and forth on it

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 10.24.19 AM
@JenniferOlinger yeah you are right - @CD32 the next question is are the trainings entered? What is a BSA # in question?

Scout training is pretty limited and Wood badge isn’t listed as a youth option.

I checked their records in My Scouting and the training is listed there.m.

BSA # 126662416

131288274 has NYLT listed but not ILST

Since ILST is a troop based training, no one will know to enter it except someone from the troop. So, have a key 3 enter it.

@CD32 We have reported this to the developers.

As I posted earlier, I checked my scouting and the training is listed there. As the training chair I can also add training to my scouting.

@CD32 Please check again to see if Scout training is showing up on the Scouts BSA History Report as expected.

Yes, the the trainings are there for all the Scouts. Thank you very much.

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