Pulse Secure will not launch since it was updated on Wed. night

I know this is not the best place to report this, but I cannot get in to the system to report it on the correct system.

The update to Pulse Secure installed on Wed. night broke remote access. It exhibits the same error as we had two weeks ago with the last update. It reports it is unable to find/load the applcation. Removing and installing Pulse Secure doesn’t fix the problem. This is remote access using MS Internet Explorer. It was working correctly on Wednseday.

Please pass this on to the BSA Support team. What ever they did two weeks ago to fix the problem with Pulse after the update, needs to be done again.

Thanks for passing this on.

you need to call your council for them to report to National

I did and asked them to do that. But I was hoping you could pass this along to the folks at National.


Well I was able to talk to a very nice lady (Mandy Nora) at BSA Support today. And in talking to her I discovered that URL I was using, , is no longer supported. She led me thru the new access method and I am back to work. Thanks for your help Mandy!


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