Unable to Update requirements in Scoutbook and missing Pack from my.scouting.org and beascout.scouting.org

I am the Cubmaster for Pack 31 in Tidewater Council. Since the middle of March, I have been unable to update any requirements for any Scouts except my own kids. When I click on “Percent completed” nothing happens, and when I click on an individual requirement, it takes me to a page where “date complete” is blank and there is nothing available to click. I also do not have the Pack Roster on the my.scouting.org page so am unable to check my permissions and/or see when new Scouts want to join the pack. And finally, our pack is also missing from the beascout.scouting.org page. Please help!!

Well this login @angelaBatastini you are not a registered leader - let us take a look

@angelaBatastini look like recharter caused you some issues - it is fixed now

For your unit pin, you may need to turn it back on at my.scouting.org > menu > (unit number) > organization manager > (Unit number) menu > unit pin

I’m making progress! Thank you so much. I was able to view our pack info on my.scouting.org and reset our unit pin. Unfortunately, I still have connections problems. I should have full access to all Scouts in the pack, but as you can see from the screenshot, I only have full access to my kids. How can I fix this, please?

Go to you scoutbook roster, click your name, click your pack admin position, and click update. That sometimes rests things.

It worked!! Thank you, I did not know I needed to click “update” but now I’m back with full access to all Scouts in the pack.

You should not need to, but we’ve found the permissions are not always properly set. We aren’t exactly sure why.

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