Purchase Report Issues

When I attempt to remove Cub adventures items from a purchase order, it goes through the process and states that items have been removed, but when you look back at the PO, the items are still on the purchase order. It will removed shooting sport emblems and pins, but not adventures. I need to this properly work because I email my purchase order to my local Scout Shop and if it isn’t corrected, I will receive items I do not need to purchase.

Not that this is the way you should have to work, but strictly as a work-around so you can get your PO out in a timely fashion (since it’s unclear how long it might take for the developers to get to the issue:

  • Write down whose and which awards/adventures you’re trying to remove.
  • Then, mark them “awarded” in Scoutbook.
  • Generate the PO, export it, and close it.
  • After you’ve closed the PO, remove the “awarded” dates from the awards/adventures to restore them to needing awarding, so that they turn up correctly on the other reports (e.g. Needs Awarding) again.
  • After they are actually awarded, mark them Awarded again

It’s a lot of hoops to jump through, particularly for immediate recognition items like adventure loops, but hopefully it at least solves your problem in the immediate time frame so you can keep rolling with getting your stuff ordered.

This assumes you don’t have a PDF editor. In my case (since I do have a PDF editor) I would probably just “white out” on the PO any items that don’t actually need purchasing, and update anything that was automatically generated in the PO based on those items (e.g. subtotal & total cost). Again, this is a workaround, not a fix for the issue.

@ChrisCarmichael - what I usually do is delete the PO and start a new one with only the items I need to purchase. Then one for those I have on-hand and close that PO.

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