Question on SSO/access to Scoutbook

I’m having problems with my access within Scoutbook. I am a troop admin, advancement coordinator and committee member. Sometimes I log into Scoutbook and I am able to update the advancements, sometimes I cannot. I think I just fixed a possible SSO issue, but when I went back into Scoutbook I cannot update any advancements again, even though my connections say “full control” on each scout?
My BSA # 12426720 … This has been going on since August, I’ve tried logging out of everything, cleaning up the cookies, forcing my password, not using any stored links, deleted my stored access in google, changed my name (there is another Brandi Casey in IL), etc. I cannot seem to have consistent connection to Scoutbook and trying to get ready for our Court of Honor in weeks.

Thank you


You are not currently registered with the BSA. Your last registration expired 12/31/21 with Troop 76. You will need to be registered in order for SB to work properly.


@BrandiCasey - see here

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