Quick Entry for entering Eagle Palm Requirements

Is there a quick entry method for signing off all the Eagle Palm requirements once a scout earns Eagle.
I have a screen print, but don’t remember how to attachment.

Went into advancement for Eagle Palm #1, clicked on Percent Completed, entered the date the scout earned their Eagle Award, but it does not mark all the requirements as complete. I get the error message Check Date scout completed all Eagle Palm Pin #1 requirements. Tried again entering today’s date because just marked all Palms as completed using the needs approval report. Received error scout must wait 3 months from time Scout earned their Eagle rank. I was able to approve each requirement separately for Eagle Palm #1. Then tried using quick entry for Eagle Palm #2 and received error Scout must wait 3 months from time Scout earned their last Palm. Is there a quick Entry for these requirements as the new rule is they receive all the Palms once Eagle is Earned.

The date has to be the date of the EBOR - I just go in and make the awards complete - do not worry about requirements

Tried Eagle BOR date of 06/16/2022 and still received error Scout must wait 3 months from time scout earned their last palm.
06/23/2022 was the date Eagle rank was marked complete and Leader approved by National. I don’t recognize the name
Receive the same error with either date.

@TwilaLytle what is the BSA #?

Have 2 more scouts in the process of getting Eagle so would like to find a quick entry

Well it looks like you used date 7/2/22 for Palm #1 instead of 6/16/22

And what version of Eagle is the Scout on? Is Citizenship in Society blank on the Eagle page for Scout?

I could not get quick entry to work for Palm #1 no matter what date I put in because of the errors mentioned before. The only way I could mark it as completed was by marking each individual requirement and I just used current date. I’m hoping to get quick entry to work as it take a lot of time to mark each individual requirement for all the Palms. The waiting period for Palms to be awarded was removed so that any palms earned are awarded when the scout achieves Eagle. However it does not look like the software was updated as I’m getting error messages for waiting periods that no longer apply.

This Scout did not do Citizenship in Society his Board of Review was before the cutoff date

@TwilaLytle look at the Eagle page - is there a blank CIS in the merit badge list - if so then the wrong version was saved and council has to send in national ticket to fix it

I didn’t want to start another thread just to ask this but not sure if I should be posting here… just a quick question about Eagle Rank… how long after it’s been marked completed does it take to get it leader approved so that palms and be marked off?

I have one eagle that it took just 2 days but I have 2 other eagles where its been a week.

again I apologize if I shouldn’t be posting this questions here.

It can vary a lot. It depends both on how quickly information from council gets to nationals and how quickly nationals acts on the information. I’ve seen in excess of a month.

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National really has nothing to do with the Approval - it is Councils that take that action now.

Good to know. I had understood that it went up from councils to national (after completion of Eagle BoR), then back down.

The Council approves - which also puts it in Queue for the Certificate to be printed

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@TwilaLytle Just FYI, but you do not have to mark off all of the requirements for the Eagle Palms (unless you want to). You can mark them as completed overall by clicking on the box next to “Percent Completed”.

Sorry just getting back to this. You are correct on the Eagle Page there is a Not Started in CIS. Unless you have further advice, I’ll ask our committee chair how to get council to submit a national ticket.

I’m trying to mark the palm as complete using the Percent Completed quick entry when I’m getting all the error messages. Want them to show up on my PO for upcoming COH and Eagle ceremony.

@TwilaLytle I think the main issue is that this Scout’s Eagle rank is set to the 2022 version. The only way to fix is to ask your council to submit a help ticket to National. We do not have the ability to change the version year.

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