Quick Entry not working for Supernova

Hello. I am unable to use quick entry for Supernova awards (Alvarez and Townes). It just hangs up gathering data and then times out when I hit the button.

I believe only councils can input that award.


Might also check with District STEM Chair & District Adv Coord.

I think the quick-entry functionality is broken…I can individually enter each step for each scout, but with 10+ steps per scout (and I just had 22 scouts earn this!), it becomes a lot of clicking. Also, if I go into “Quick Entry” for another award, the Supernova Award is available in the dropdown as well. Lastly, I was able to use quickentry for my son earlier last year when we worked on a big chunk of this award.

I am not sure if this is related to Scoutbook or not.
I am getting a “*** Forbidden. ***” error when searching for “supernova” on https://www.scouting.org after timing out using the Mircosoft web browser.

Looks like it is time to exit the browser and reboot. And try again.

hmm…upon further inspection, the quick entry works for the Luis Alvarez…just not Charles Townes.

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