Scouts disapppeared after moving to new Dens


We had Crossover last weekend, and yesterday (before the planned outage) I went in and moved them all to their new Dens. MOST of the Scouts vanished from some reports after I did that. Our unit dropped from 16? to 5 Scouts. What’s strange is that the Scouts appear in the Dens, but are marked “unapproved” with no green check. It says to edit their membership to approve, but clicking that link does nothing.

I don’t know what I’ve done, but I need help fixing it. Thank you,

@AdrienneVincent-Phoe - you did not advance the dens which is the best practice method? Now you will have to go to each scout a re-approve them.

Nope, it was my first time doing this and I didn’t realize that was an option. I’ll look up how to approve the Scouts.

Thank you,

@AdrienneVincent-Phoe - I gather your remaining scouts are in the Webelos second year den. I think you need to go to each scout membership and approve there.

It was the new Lions and the Tiger I hadn’t advanced yet, plus my own son. Everyone else vanished. And now apparently my membership has been reset, so I’m having to fix my connections too.

Are you a pack admin?

@AdrienneVincent-Phoe - I can set up a screen share if you wish later or Friday. This effort will be a click fest to set things back. So I suggest following the process I linked for the next time.

Thank you for your assistance. I was able to complete the click fest this morning, and all of my Scouts are back where they belong, and I’m connected again too. I will make sure to warn whomever is responsible for advancement in the future not to do what I did.


@AdrienneVincent-Phoe - I am glad to know you were able to get past it. I would suggest pointing the next person to the guide I posted. That has been my process for years. Works flawlessly.

Scout On !

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