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Rank advancement error

Appreciate advice! my first time using new IA and I am trying to enter a rank advancement. I chose the scout and clicked record advancement, entered date, rank and then cannot get past advancement item. When I pull the tab it shows an inbox that says no item. Why would I need an Item. I just want to enter Star.

Thanks! Valerie

Hold the Shift Key and Refresh your screen - I am not seeing this behavior

Other ? is why do you have Scoutbook.com open in the other Tab - if you are using Scoutbook you do not need IA

Thanks for the suggestion. I tired refresh and logged in again, but got same problem. Scoutbook tab is there because I was searching for solutions. we don’t use scoutbook.

I also get the same result when I enter Merit badge instead of Rank…

Shift and Refresh clears the cache for the site - I have reported this to developers - though I am not seeing it

OK - what is your unit position?

I am the troops Advancement Chair

Are you sure you are set up in My.Scouting as Unit Advancement chair? It erases itself annually

I was added as Key 3 in July and was able to access the troops info then. This is my first time entering data.

do you see ranks for other scouts? is it all Scouts? Just this Scout?

I have tried to change ranks for 2 scouts and add merit badge for 1, getting the same result for all 3 tries

The tutorial made it look so easy!

as a test - what happens if you choose 2 scouts?

“Key 3” is a BSA term that means:

  1. unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, crew Advisor, or ship Skipper)
  2. Committee Chair
  3. Chairtered Org. Rep.

Other roles that can access Internet Advancement are Key 3 Delegates and Unit Advancement Chairs (as designated at my.scouting.org). Are you saying that you were added as a Key 3 Delegate?

Yes, I was added as a key 3 delegate

I tried 2 scouts and received the same no data message

How do I check if I am still registered as Unit Advancement Chair? Our charter expires Dec 31, would it expire then?

under My Profile at my.scouting.org

Im listed as committee member