Rank Advancement for Scout outside my Troop

We have a Scout from a neighboring troop that is attending summer camp with us, but is not dual-enrolled in our unit. His SM and parents approve of me (SM) updating his advancement in Scoutbook. His mother adjusted her son’s profile to Full Control for me (I am already his MBC as well), but he does not show up in the SB profile. Is there a remedy for this, or would he need to dual-enroll with our unit? Thank you.

He would either have to be officially in your unit or temporarily in Scoutbook in your unit. The Second you could not approve any advancement but you could enter it. Otherwise you would need to go to My Connections to find the Scout and I am not sure if you could approve the advancements

I found him in my connections, and I can sign off but not approve as you mentioned, This will work perfectly so his home troop can complete the approval Thank you!

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