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Receiving emails from old pack

Good Morning,

My son and I recently moved so we are part of a new cub scout pack. We are still receiving emails from our previous pack. The ScoutBook administrator has removed our email in all places that he could see, but we are still getting emails. How do I remove my email from our old pack, and add it to our new pack?

Thank you

@KristenKube - what type of emails are you receiving ? Are they even reminders or general emails. The prior pack should make sure you are not connected to any scouts in the prior pack, that no leaders or other adults are connected to your scout and that you and your scout are removed from all events.

Hi Stephen, thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, it’s Event Reminders that I am still getting. The admin of the scout book thinks he took our my email from my son and me. Can’t figure out where else my email would be hiding.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

@KristenKube - I do doubt he removed emails, but certainly did not remove you from the events. If the admin removes you from the events then that should stop.

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