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Recharter - AOLs crossed over Nov 29 - how to get the in the troop recharter

We had 9 AOL’s crossover to our troop on November 29. Trying to figure out how to get the new scouts transferred to our troop. Any suggestions. Looked all over the internet recharter and can’t find any information on it.

Thanks for any help/assistance

I did email the council but I know it will be awhile before they respond.

Karen Monroe, Troop 926

Transferring scouts is done using the Transfer tool, separately from the recharter (I think). There’s a recent how-to posted here: How can my unit transfer Scouts to troops?

ETA: Note that the instructions are for the outgoing unit side (e.g. pack) rather than the receiving unit (i.e. troop in your case).

ETA2: I think the receiving unit has to have online applications enabled, but maybe @DonovanMcNeil (the document’s author) can clarify that.

Once they have been officially transferred to the troop (you might have to wait a day or two for everything to sync up), in Recharter you should be able to “Refresh Roster” and pull them in.


I did find in the recharter system using the manage scouts button. I was able to add the scouts as long as I had their bsa # which I did along with names, dob, and email.



Thanks for the feedback