Transferring AOLs after recharter submitted but before recharter goes into effect

My Pack’s AOL Den just finished their AOL rank and did a crossover ceremony on 17 Dec 21.

Our Pack and Troop Recharters were submitted in Nov with an effective date of 1 Jan 22 and the AOLs on the Pack Recharter. If I transfer them to the Troop now in my.scouting, will that mess up the recharter or should I wait to transfer them until after the new year when the new charter goes into effect?

Also our Boys Troop recharter has already been approved and posted while our Girl Troop and Family Pack recharters are awaiting council approval according to Internet Advancement.

I’d like to move them as soon as possible but don’t want to mess up anything in the recharter system. Thanks!

wait for troop charter to FULLY process - otherwise they will just get erased in troop

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Will do! Thanks and have a great rest of your day!

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We had a Scout register online last week. Our DE encouraged us to approve the application. I did. This was all after we processed our charter. I hope it works and I bet it will since she paid for next year, so it is like a parallel path to next year. I’ll report back our results. It isn’t 100% guaranteed.

I agree that transfers should wait. If they don’t recharter with the pack and don’t recharter with the troop and transfer after both are submitted, but before processed? Good luck. Even if they charter with the pack, but neither charters are processed (but submitted)? Good luck.