Recharter- Clear or Delete a Membership Renewal Order ID?

Backstory - our Troop & Crew’s COR is also the Troop & Crew’s Exec. Officer (so he has 2 roles in the Troop and 2 roles in the Crew)

In the Roster - he is listed once, so I checked his name to renew his registration
Then in the Membership Renewal Orders - he is list twice with 2 different Order ID’s
Then in the Unit Paid Member Renewal Batches - he is also listed twice

Our Council’s Registrar said, " You should be able to click on the x and delete the multiple for the exact same position." But that sounds like what we could do in years past, because I’m not seeing that option on any of the options in Roster, Orders or Batches.

Any idea how I can delete an Order ID before I pay?
Thank you.

That sounds like a council question

@ChristinaSarber_Shof - I did find this -

But as Donovan noted the local council is supposed to assist with the process if there are questions or issues.

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…and they are supposed to have access to a support group for council professionals if they can’t answer the question/resolve the issue themselves.


Thank you for the link!
I have looked through it before, but I looked through it again and I did find the screens that the Council might have that I don’t. Now I’m able to give them the specific screenshot and page numbers that hopefully they can help me or fix it on their side that hopefully reflect on my side.