Recharter Error - Input Validation Failed

I’m attempting to recharter for my Pack but every time I attempt to pay I receive an Error: Input Validation Failed. I’ve tried multiple browsers on multiple devices. I’ve tried credit card and ACH. Every combination results in Input Validation Failed. If something I am entering into the form is causing it to fail, i.e. my contact information, a more detailed error message pinpointing which field would really help me out.

@JasonRoma I would contact council on this

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil
I worked with a couple people at council and we resolved the issue. For anyone in the future the problem was at the last step of recharter after providing payment information and clicking submit. During that step it was attempting to verify the address I was providing against what my bank or credit card had. In the end I had to copy and paste the address exactly. I was, for example, providing 123 Sesame Street with zip 12345 but my bank had 123 SESAME STREET with zip 12345-1234. Providing it exactly resolved the error.

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