Unit Receiving an Error to pay recharter

I have a unit that has tried to submit their recharter payment and are receiving the attached error. Please advise.

You likely have a recharter contact to provide help etc. We will see if anyone has an idea, but it is important that you report this up the chain in your council. For us they would be a district Commisioner focusing on recharter help, but in others they may be someone else.

I am the District Executive, so I am there last Council contact for these errors. Thanks.

In that position, you are able to enter tickets to national (99% of those of us here cannot). That may be the best route as this forum is not the official support mechanism with true defects such as the one you see.

I assume they waited a day and tried again?

They have tried multiple times and no luck.

Submitting it now. Just thought I’d try the forum first. Thanks.

Address of payment method has to exactly match what the bank has

@SarahNorman There was a report earlier this morning where a unit was able to resolve the error:

@JenniferOlinger and @SarahNorman my error was “Input Validation Failed” and not directly related to Wepay. The Wepay connection to my account worked, the payment just wouldn’t go through.

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