Recharter not counting new members in positions

The recharter doesn’t seem to be counting new members for their positions. It tells me I don’t have enough committee members (only 1) but the roster is showing 4.

Three of the committee members are new and don’t have the pencil edit button so I’m thinking it’s these three. They all show up in Scoutbook and They all have YPT/CBC completed and all are registered online (no paper forms involved).

None of the people in question have multiple positions.

What am I missing?

Miami Valley Council-Wright Brothers District-Pack 116

@NicholasGagliardi I would try removing the ones with no pencil and Add Existing Member for the same person

I get an error if I try to remove them

Screenshot 2021-12-13 112506-2

just make a den leader a committee member then - just to make the system happy

That does work and I guess I’ll do it. I was hoping for a ‘clean’ solution but at this point just want to be done :slight_smile: Thanks!

If you don’t know, the COR can go into my.scouting, after the charter is posted (and in the new year) to correct.