Recharter question

We are out of Blue Ridge Mountains Council. I have two issues I hope someone on here can help with.

  1. I am trying to have our Executive Officer be the COR as well. I’ve been told this can happen but don’t see an opportunity to dual role someone.
  2. I am getting rejected because I don’t have a New Member Coordinator but I was also told that position wasn’t necessary. I have a Committee Chair, a committee member, 2 ASM, 1 SM, 1 COR/EO. I would think that is enough leadership positions paid for and that between all of us, we can work on our new members and bringing them in without paying for a separate position.
    My BSA ID is 13029018. I am only affiliated with one troop and help as Roundtable Commissioner so I hope that can narrow down my issues. Thank you in advance for any help.
  1. Add Existing Member - add a second instance of the XO as COR
  2. you need a chair and 2 CMs I think

It’s committee member and new member coordinator OR 2 committee members so you need a committee member or new member coordinator it appears. ASMs aren’t required, so perhaps one of them would be okay as a committee member or new member coordinator. The COR might also be able to be a committee member.

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This is a good suggestion. If your COR was planning on attending committee meetings, then they could be a committee member and you wouldn’t have to change your ASM structure. The COR is the only person who can do 2 roles (in your case, 3).

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If I remember correctly the Executive Officer can register as the COR if a application is submitted and fees are paid. And somewhere a limit of 2 position comes in to play for the COR.

@Bill_W - I would check the membership guidebook on the XO…

I am pretty sure the XO could be XO, register as COR, and be CC or MC. Somewhat triple, but since XO isn’t registered registered, only double.

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Looking at GregSazonov’s 1st post it appears that the XO may not be a fully registered leader with Adult Leader Application, YPT and Background Check. So that may be part of the problem, If so the XO would need to do the paperwork/training applicable for the Blue Ridge Mountains Council (maybe online or maybe “wet ink” paper or some combination.

Yes the XO can be COR and also a CC or MC if a fully registered leader.


Abbreviation and acronym confusion - CEO

There appears to some variation in the use of abbreviations in this discussion topic. Confused about abbreviations? I am.

I believe in Scouting BSA the title of the non-registered position is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the head of an organization sponsering Scouting units. In the BSA database this is coded as IH (institution head).

XO is a military abbreviation for executive officer.

In this discussion EO and XO appear to be being used for CEO. In the Language of Scouting there is:

Chief Scout Executive
The top-ranking professional Scouter of the Boy Scouts of America, used when the Scouter is a commissioned BSA professional. This is the only professional title that is routinely capitalized. See also “president and CEO.”

executive officer
The head of a participating organization that has an Exploring post or club.

president and CEO
The top-ranking professional Scouter of the Boy Scouts of America, used when the Scouter is not a commissioned BSA professional. Capitalize as a title directly before a person’s name: President and CEO Robert Mosby; Robert Mosby, president and CEO. See also “Chief Scout Executive.”

BSA national CEO

BSA national appears to have switch to using Chief Executive Officer instead of Chief Scout Executive for the head of BSA.

  • RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, 100-492, ©2020 Boy Scouts of America, September 2020 Revision, p. 3:

The term Chief Scout Executive has been changed to Chief Executive Officer throughout the document.


IH is Institution head. Source: Registration Guidebook. “institution host” is not a thing.

Roger Mosby started out not as Chief Scout Executive because he was not commissioned professional with required minimum training. As of late May this year, he is Chief Scout Executive and was commissioned by the BSA board. There’s no move away from Chief Scout Executive. He just wasn’t Chief Scout Executive for a few years.

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I was told to remove my new application and try again, I am still getting the same 2 messages.

“Error Duplicate emails not allowed in participant set” Does anyone know what this means??

“Whoops! It looks like we were unable to generate your charter for signature. No payment has been taken. Please retry again”

Teri Moore
Troop 526
Greater Tampa Bay Area Council

@TeresaMoore have not seen that error - will pass on to Devs - are 2 users having the same email address?

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I looked through Scoutbook and My.scouting and I do not have email address for any of my scouts. My scout master has 2 children registered in 2 different units and they are both showing up under his email address.

I was trying to add 1 adult and 2 scouts at first but I got the same message so I removed them all and I still get the messages.

I am going on 2 weeks now and no one seem to be able to help me with this.

Thanks for responding

Teri Moore

Troop 526

@TeresaMoore only way you could almost tell if a scout had an email in Scoutbook would be to go to the message tab and see if a scout is listed in far right column

I have been checking and on I can look at emails, our scoutmaster put in email address in for the COR (who is 80) so I changed that up.

It still is not working, but I will keep digging and see if I can find anything else that might be causing the problem

Committee Chairman - Troop 526 / VFW Post 4289

Lake Region District - Greater Tampa Bay Area Council


(863) 287-6092


I had the same issue. I kept trying and after about 12 times it finally submitted. I don’t know why but it kept saying I had a bad email address for the Charter Org (NOT the COR) which we can’t go in and access to change on our level it’s a council faux pas when they entered it initially. Like I said it finally accepted so either it’s fixed, I’ll be getting phone calls from the registrar or they’ll have to deal with it.

I’m getting the same error. No idea where to even start fixing email addresses.

Well you cannot change someone else’s email - best bet is developer’s tools in your browser > inspect > network - post what is red - that means a failure

Ok- we found the issue for us. My husband and I are cubmaster and committee chair respectively. We had used the same email in my.scouting as each other. Changed mine to an alternate email, switched browsers (just in case!), refreshed the roster in the recharter application, and it went through. Not positive which (if any) of those was the key- but it worked.

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