Recharter signed in adobe sign but still shows waiting for signature 4 days later

I am a DC and have several units that have completed the recharter to the point of being locked. They have received and acted on the email signature through Adobe Sign. However, they are still showing as “waiting on COR signature” in the reports. The one with the best screenshots signed on 12/7 its now 12/11. A key 3 goes back to the original email and tries to re-sign and it states that it has already been signed. A second unit had a similar issue, but was able to re-sign and clear the issue. A third unit signed this morning, but the report shows not yet signed by the COR. the COR has tried again and received the “already been signed” error. Thoughts?

Post Council and Units and we can turn it in - or turn in a national ticket through council.

W D Boyce (138) Units 4877 and 3988 still need corrected and 2018 worked its way through the process

@MichaelHeger what kinds of units are they?

packs are what need corrected and the troop went through later

@MichaelHeger obvious question - you say a key 3 goes back in - but does the COR?

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3988 is the COR - 4877 is a CC signing for the COR who is not computer savvy

Also having this problem for two units in National Pike District in Baltimore Council. Ticket submitted for one unit by council several weeks ago, but no resolution yet. One new this week. Details:

Troop 305. BSA ID for person doing charter renewal 4269560, BSA ID for person signing (SM in lieu of COR) 122613509.

Troop 617: BSA ID for person doing charter renewal 125397548, BSA ID for COR who signed 134911162

In both cases I have seen the evidence from the Unit that the signature was done and acknowledged by the Adobe Sign. In both cases the charter tool is locked for the unit, and in both cases for the report in Commissioner Tools, it shows for me that the charter is ‘In Progress’ and ‘Waiting COR Signature’ = ‘Yes’.

Can this be updated behind the scenes?

This issue seems to be impacting at least one unit with which I’m involved. Actual COR did the signing the day it was submitted and I’m told one of the other Key 3 did it as well more recently. System still shows as awaiting COR approval though. It is the unit associated with member ID 3346998.

@DonovanMcNeil Is there any hope to get this resolved?