Recharter: Unit does not have required amount of leadership positions

No we do not have a NMC. The list above shows all adult leaders.

@ThorstenCassel it is turned in - the simple solution probably is to take away CM from COR - you can add it in SB if you want – and could still give COR any functional role needed - or just wait

I cannot remove the dual position or we have not enough leaders. How long will that take to resolve the error in Recharter 2.0?

@ThorstenCassel no idea on that

I can’t believe that we are the only unit using the dual position of the COR. This should have a high priority to solve for the DEV.

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This is happening on two of my district units so far, mine and a pack. All revolves around the COR being in more than one position. On my unit I can’t do anything about it because the position it says we are missing is the executive officer.


from Registration Guidebook “Packs, troops, crews, and ships are required to have an institution head, a chartered organization representative, a committee chair, two committee members (or one committee member and one new member coordinator or pack trainer for packs), and a unit leader. All of these positions must be filled by individuals who are at least 21 years old. Packs are also required to have at least one den leader who may be a den leader for any of the Cub Scout ranks (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos Scout).”

That is exactly what our Pack has. It does not say that these have to be different natural persons.

filled by individuals - I bet this phrase got a developer on this

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So now they have to fix the tool or we cannot recharter and pay national.

I think if you drop the COR’s CM it will go through

Donovan: If I drop the Committee Member from the COR than we are missing one mandatory position. We need 2 Committee Members and have no more different leaders.

PS: You mean MC for Committee Member, right? CM is Cub Master.


We are discussing this with the developers now. As of now there is no workaround for your unit. Please stand by.


@ThorstenCassel yeah I saw that after I typed - I thought you had 2 others


I will most likely have the same issue as our COR is also a committee member

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@ThorstenCassel Do you have a Den Leader? I do not see one in your screenshot.

Try adding that person as committee member again as existing member and then revalidate and see if it works.

@JohnGeiser I am wondering the same thing - it fixed yours - but yours was a little different

Figured it was worth a shot. I don’t think it will break it any further.

Yes, #7 in the list above. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

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