Recharter with Pending beascout Applications

I have a unit that has multiple pending youth applications via This means that the families have already paid some money to National. How does this affect the units ability to submit their charter? Can they submit even though they have pending applications? Do they have to resolve the applications before submitting?

What about adult applications? I have a unit where the adult has applied (and therefore paid some money) but hasn’t taken YPT yet. Does this affect the units ability to recharter? Thanks.

Why don’t they resolve those? It takes one click.

This person would not be part of the recharter.

These are questions for your council

Matt, I don’t know why they are not accepting the applications. I have emailed their key-3 at least 3 times about these, and I get no response.
Thanks for your response.

@CarolynMiller I asked the team that handles Internet Recharter, and this is what I heard back:

“They will get an error when submitting their charter. All pending applications need to be resolved before a unit can recharter online.”

If the unit Key 3 are not responding to e-mails, then maybe try a phone call?

Thanks for your reply. I thought that might happen.

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