I can’t feel the life of me find the recharter button.

your recharter should not be on yet - yours expires 12/31 - so I THINK it should turn on 10/1

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Thank you. Is there any way to begin editing my roster before October?

Never mind. That’s Sunday. Thank you!

no it is a hard open and close historically - little different now but have not seen

The recharter process for units that expire before 3/1/24 is unchanged from last year.

For everyone, good prep is to make sure your current roster is as correct as it can be. Taking these steps now will make electronic recharter flow easier.

-Do all adults have the CBC shield icon next to their name?
-Is everyone that thinks they are registered listed (both youth and adult)?
-Move everyone into their current roles? (Can only be done by COR or COR delegate)
-Move those adults that are no longer active to Unit Scouter Reserve (COR/COR Delegate)
-Make sure all adults have current YPT through March of ‘24. Even if you turn in your recharter 100% complete on 11/1, your council could drag their feet and process it on 3/3.
-All applications and CBCs are better handled OUTSIDE of the recharter system. Attached forms require manual intervention anyways. Might as well follow the normal process, get it loaded, and hit refresh so that you don’t have any attached forms.
-Get the charter agreement (use current form) signed by the committee chair, COR, and Executive Officer of Chartering Org. I see the late 2023 form. I assume this isn’t electronic yet?

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Or Unit College Scouter Reserve for adults age 18+


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