Rechartered Pack Missing 1 Member

Our pack is recently rechartered. I can see all of our members and volunteers in scout book and in Internet Advancement except for my son. I can see him in scout book as a family member but not as a member of the pack. Is this something I can fix?

If you are one of the Unit Key 3 (CM/CC/COR), then you can look at the official roster at under the left side menu → Unit # → Roster

If your scout is missing there, it’s a registration issue that might need assistance from the council registrar to fix. If your scout is on the official roster, please post your scout’s BSA ID number (no names please), and the folks from SUAC may be able to help identify the issue.

@AnnaMarchand1 your son was lasted registered in a unit in 2020

Yeah he renewed along with the rest of the kids who are in the rechartered pack 1977 now. He must have been left off by mistake. I reached out to Paul Muckelroy to try to fix it. Thank you.

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