Rechartering and Youth and Adults who've transferred

We have two brothers and their dad who were in our troop but have transferred to a unit out of our council NCAC to a unit in BAC. Usually when this happens, they would disappear from our roster and recharter but they are still showing on both. Our DE tells us that it means that the transfer hasn’t been completed and they may only be transferred in Scoutbook but not in Internet Advancement and the receiving unit should follow up with this. The receiving unit is telling the family that BAC has completed the transfer and all is well. Can you confirm one way or another if the transfer is complete? We don’t want them to fall into a scouting black hole during recharter. Looks like they have had new Scout ID’s created for them and maybe that’s what’s making them show up in both places but usually when we have scouts transfer like this, they disappear from our view?
Youth#1 New 14233252 Old 133727501
Youth#2 New 14233264 Old 131940827
Adult 131940828 still waiting on final registration in the new unit. I’m assuming he’ll get a new number too.

Just move them to Removed Members in recharter and you are good to go

Sounds good. Will do. Thank you.

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