Transferred Scout

I have a scout that transferred in from a pack. Everything has transferred over and he is showing on the internet charter roster, however his fee shows as zero dollars. I am not sure why this would be. Any ideas out there?

because the Scout is already registered in a unit one - and if online app was used since 10/15 (I think that is date) - Scout already paid for 2022 in that process

It was a transfer from a cub scout pack. He has not paid for 2022. The transfer was made through my.scouting.

@JohnGeiser what is BSA number - and you are sure it used the MYST Transfer and not an application?

134270502 Yes I am sure. I did it myself on both ends. It comes through to the troop as an application so I wonder if that is why the internet recharter system thinks it is a new scout.

@JohnGeiser what is your MID - easier than me looking it up

@DonovanMcNeil 131799776

It is inside the date window so you just hacked the system basically

lol I swear I am not a hacker.

LOL and you do not have to pay for son’s registration - get it in before they fix it

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