Rechartering issues: 18yo leader showing as a scout, a parent cannot be added as a leader so I'm short on leadership

Good morning,

I have an 18 yo Eagle Scout who shows up on my new troop roster as a leader (which is what he is) but in the recharter he shows up as a scout.

I also have a Dad who became Committee Chair who I can see in ScoutBook under his kids’ profiles, I can click Edit Profile and see his BSA number, but when I search for him on SB that number doesn’t come up among the two search results.

Can anyone help me figure out one or both of these problems? I cannot recharter because of these two issues because I don’t have enough leaders without them.


What are you seeing in My.scouting? If they are not showing up correctly in there you will need to work with your registrar to fix the issue.

the father was probably given a new BSA #. On recharter remove the Eagle Scout, and add back as existing member adult

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