Recognition report earned vs approved

This might be a minor feature request instead of a bug report, if this is actually intended behavior.

When I run a Scouts BSA Recognition Report, the output only includes items earned in the timeframe, rather than those approved in the timeframe, as I would expect from the language on the page.

I really need a report that shows what was APPROVED in the timeframe, so I’m hoping this is a bug that can be fixed. Otherwise, my request is to update the language to EARNED rather than APPROVED to describe what is actually being reported. Right now, I have to run the report including not-awarded regardless of date range and manually go through every item to remove those that were approved before the timeframe I requested.

The Recognition Reports are only supposed to display items that have been approved within the specified time frames.

If you are seeing items that are marked completed, but not approved, then we will need more details to investigate.

Your first statement I agree with, that’s what I would expect. Your second statement is not what is happening, thankfully. Here is an example to be clearer about what I’m seeing.

A scout completes a merit badge and gets a blue card signed on 5/4/23. They don’t turn in the blue card for recording and Scoutbook approval until 6/12/23 and it is approved that day. Now, in preparation for our next Court of Honor next week, I run the recognition report expecting to see all advancement marked Approved in the timeframe I select (5/24/23-now), to include all scouts that have items they haven’t received recognition for yet. This scout’s merit badge is not included because the EARNED date is before the timeframe, even though the APPROVED date is in the timeframe.

I hope that helps, but please let me know if there’s more information I can include.


I will report to the developers that they need to look at both the Earned date and Approved date when building the recognition report. I agree that this is a situation that needs to be addressed as it is possible to have an award earned before the cutoff date but not approved until after.

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Well that approved Date is just an Audit date - the Needs purchase report would be better for what you are trying to achieve - that is based on purchases

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Are you selecting this option?:

“Included Not-Awarded Regardless of Date Range”

This will catch cases like what you are referring to.

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@TiffanyEschbach I sent you a private message.

@TiffanyEschbach - the reports have worked without issue for me

Needs Purchasing is helpful (critical, for me, actually) for purchasing, but it is not helpful in this instance. Before the Recognition Report was made available, it is what I used, actually. But it meant I had to generate the CSV for every PO I created over the timeframe (for this upcoming Court of Honor, I’ve had at least 4 since I go approximately monthly, plus any extra times to catch any items out of stock), concatenate all of them, and manually add in any items that were not included on Purchase Orders (for example, we don’t PO our Eagle Ranks, and sometimes we have an inventory on hand for things like Firem’n Chit). It was very tedious and error-prone, so I’ve been very excited about the Recognition Report. And it works great except when I have situations where Earned and Approved straddle the beginning date of the report.

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