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Reconciling two accounts for one person - one has correct email, one has BSA #

Hello! I have a scout whose parent is linked under connections with a BSA number. There was no email address attached. When I tried to attach her email address to the account, it said the email was attached to another account. So I added a new connection, searched for the email address, and sure enough there she was. I added this connection. Now there are two connections with the same name under connections. One has the correct BSA number but no email (call this ‘account B’). The other one has the correct email but no BSA number (call this ‘account E’).

What’s the best way to fix this? Here’s my strategy. Could someone who has done this before or understands the backend can tell me this will work?

  1. Open account E and change the email address to a different email address.
  2. Open account B and now change the email address to the proper email address. Will this be allowed now that E has a different email?

Now delete account E somehow.

Is this correct? Thanks!

Yours in scouting,



You need to send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the details of the user and ask that that accounts be merged. Include your unit number and council in the e-mail.



Having been through quite a lot of sorting out duplicate accounts from numerous sources (council transfers, unit transfers with re-registration and new #s instead of straight transfer, adult partner accounts getting duplicated with other positions, etc) is there a way to put together a flow chart for the process? I have found that if things are not verified and consolidated at the Council level first, and specific instructions with links to the profile pages not provided that the results are sometimes other than what is desired.

I would be happy to draft something for your review if you like.

I am also hearing that with professional staff position consolidation at all levels that part of the support load for both registrar work and Scoutbook support is likely to be shifting to the Council and Council Volunteer level. If so I would like to get ahead of the curve and assist in any way possible, especially with helping to address account issues and help keep the databases clean and straight.

Lastly a huge Thank You of all the work you put in!

Jason “Mr. C.” Costarakis


I sent you a direct message. See your avatar in the upper right corner of the forums.

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