Recurring issue - parent invitation to connect (x-webdoc link)

The email sent to the parent to connect to the scout does not contain a working link to Scoutbook preventing them from connecting to their scout (x-webdoc link). It seems as if the formatting of the templated used to send the invitation to connect may need some revision of the keyword or method being used to generate the message body link to confirm the connection invitation.

An existing parent added a second child to our unit. An application was submitted and the scout appears in our roster and in Scoutbook. The parent is also listed in the scout’s profile but is not linked. I re-invite the parent to connect and they receive an email which does not contain any working link to confirm the invitation. Below is the body of the email received. There is one button in the body which reads “Learn more and login now”. It seems this should be an “Accept invitation to connect” but the button does nothing when clicked. I can right click and copy the url but even if i paste it in a browser, it’s not a working url (x-webdoc://EE8DFC1A-3BE7-43FA-ACC5-339984E5E823/

Message Details:
Hi Laretta,
Matthew McCormick is using Scoutbook to track Isabella xxxxx’s advancement in Scouting.

Matthew would like to share Isabella’s records with you so both of you can view and edit her progress.

Login: (<-- clicking this just creates a new email message to the address)
Use the Forgot Password link on the login page in case you no longer have your password.
Learn More and Login Now (<-- this is the button in the body with the non working url)

@MatthewMcCormick - an existing parent should just be able to log in and have both scouts listed under my family.

Ideally yes, but when they show as connected but not linked they are unable to take any action on behalf of their scout like RSVP or adding activities / advancements. The only available solution is to attempt to re-invite to connect which leads to the problem in the original post.

@MatthewMcCormick - could very well be a second account for the parent. I would take a look at the connected parent along side of the non-connected parent taking note of scoutbook user id and BSA id.

mom (not connected) BSA 137285490, scoutbook user 11845311
dad (connected) BSA 137106881, scoutbook user 11583360

I did also go into the scouts connections and searched for mom’s name to see if there was a second entry and I was not able to find one even with variations on the spelling of the name.

I turned this in to developers last night with a video

Thank you Mr. McNeil

Any update? Posting to keep this alive…

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